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What to Expect When Building a New Home
July 19, 2019

What to Expect When Building a New Home

As a new home owner, we understand that purchasing a new home is a big decision and a large financial commitment; one that people do not make often. This is why we try to make the new home buying process as fun as possible from the first visit to moving in.

When you purchase a new home from Harris Doyle Homes you’re starting a journey that may be unfamiliar, but that we’ve trekked hundreds of times before. Which is why we have a team of experts who help guide our new homebuyers every step of the way, ensuring each homeowner is set up for success to live a “Life Well Crafted” in their new Harris Doyle home.

Below is a review of what you can expect on your new home journey with Harris Doyle from pre-approvals to closing and everything in between.Get Pre-Approved

Before you start sorting through plans and selecting design finishes, you’ll need to meet with a lending professional to learn about your financing options, establish a budget and get pre-qualified for a mortgage. We understand that this is not only a big financial commitment but also a large emotional commitment.

Finding Your New Dream Home

To begin your new home journey, you will start with selecting a community. We make it easy to meet with a member of our sales team, who will walk you through the process of narrowing down which communities and floorplans best fit your family’s needs. We have agents on-site seven days a week at the community model homes, making it easy to schedule community visits and home tours.

Once you select your community, lot, plan, and structural options, it’s time to sign the contract. At the contact signing, your sales agent will walk you through a process overview to confirm the details of your lot, plan, financing, etc.

Designing Your New Home

After contracts are signed and financing is underway, you’ll start the design process. One of the most exciting and fun aspects of your new home’s building process is typically the design meeting. During this meeting, you’ll meet with one of our four designers to select the layout and design of your future Harris Doyle Home. From light fixtures to kitchen cabinets, there are many important decisions you will need to make during this meeting.

Design meetings happen before construction begins and can vary by community. Our designers will ensure you spend adequate time picking out the perfect features for your new home. The more prepared you and your partner can be for the meeting, the better. To best prepare yourself and to maximize the time you spend with our designers, here are the top ten things you should think about before your design meeting.

Foundation and Framing Begins

After you wrap up the design process, a pre-construction meeting will be scheduled at which you’ll meet your home’s Builder and go over the home plans, as well as what to expect throughout construction of your new home.  Shortly thereafter, foundations will begin.

In an effort to allow a sneak peak at the progress, your Builder will setup a Framing Walkthrough of your new home. Framing will be completed, but the sheetrock won’t up be up yet, so you’ll view the exterior, layout and the initial HVAC, plumbing and electrical work. Your Builder will conduct the tour and use this time to answer any questions.

Walls Are Up. What’s Next?

In the coming weeks things may look quiet from the outside, but our crews and trade partners are busy completing the finishes that make your house feel like home. Walls, cabinets, trim, tile, paint and flooring come together in your unique style.

The final meeting with our team will be Homeowner Orientation. During orientation you’ll tour your new home and get tips on care and maintenance, as well as review the Harris Doyle Homes Warranty Agreement.

Moving In Your New Home

After the closing documents are signed, celebrations begin! We know our new home owners are anxious to show off their new home, but also busy moving and getting settled in. To help ease the stress of party planning we offer all of our new home owners a Nest Party in select communities!You may be asking, “What is a Nest Party?” To celebrate your new home, Harris Doyle throws a complimentary house warming party for all new home owners within three months after moving for up to 20 of their closest friends and family! This party gives home owners the perfect opportunity to invite their friends and family over to their new Harris Doyle home without having to deal with the hassle of cooking.

We strive to make the new home process fun and as stress free as possible! For more detailed information on the Harris Doyle Homes process, check out our Big Book of Answers. It walks you through each step of your journey to closing and beyond.

Harris Doyle Homes has communities across the Birmingham metro area and in Auburn. Learn more about our locations at harrisdoyle.com/communities or visit or social channels. You’ll find lots of ideas on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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