From living coral and warm clay to calming gray and blueprint blue, the top color trend predictions for 2019 are carefully reflecting the world around us. Color is much more than a decorative element; it influences how we feel and often how we act. We often see that in many of Birmingham’s new homes, it sets the tone for furniture, the invested decor and the overall design of a room.

2019 Color of the Year Selections

Each year, top paint manufactures name a Color of the Year that they feel will influence trends in design and fashion. The color experts at Pantone chose a pink-orange nature-inspired hue labeled Living Coral as 2019’s Color of the Year. Sherwin Williams also chose a warmer color, Cavern Clay, and while the two colors are very different they both brighten and refresh your home.

Paint manufacturers, PPG and Benjamin Moore chose cooler colors for 2019. PPG felt that the new rich, luxurious and classic shade of green known as Night Watch would bring the restorative power of nature to a home, while Benjamin Moore’s calming and sophisticated gray hue known as Metropolitan would provide a calm and peaceful feel. Behr chose an honest, approachable color that allows home owners to “build their own reimagined life” by selecting Blueprint as their color of the year.

How can you incorporate these new colors into your Birmingham new home? We’ve listed out a few tips below.

How to Add Colors to Your Living Areas and Kitchen

The living room and kitchen are the most utilized areas in your home, and certainly the space seen most often by guests. Here are a few ways to create a visual impact and relaxing atmosphere in these common spaces with the colors of 2019:

If you feel that colors such as Living Coral and Night Watch are overbearing colors to paint your walls, try adding the color through accessories. Accent pillows, curtains, artwork, and vases can all add pops of color and personality. Many of our model homes give the ideal hint of these colors.

When paired with the right colors, Cavern Clay works as a timeless backdrop for a variety of styles in all rooms. Sherwin-Williams suggests pairing Cavern Clay with Moth Wing or Dark Clove for a more carefree, sophisticated look. To embrace popular 70s color palettes with a refreshed approach, try the dusty denim blue or even an avocado color.

In the kitchen, if you’re over the all-white-everything look but still want a calming; neutral canvas for your home, Metropolitan is a great go to color.

How to Incorporate Colors in Your Bedrooms

As a rule of thumb, calming and cool colors should be used in rooms that are meant for relaxation, like bedrooms. With the right design, incorporating any of the new colors of the year into your bedroom can result in a refreshing space.

Painted furniture is in! Pick one piece painted with a deep shade of coral to add your personality to the room or add a piece painted with Metropolitan for a modern vibe. Pro Tip: Make sure your other furniture complements the color you choose to paint the accent piece.

Behr’s Blueprint lays a foundation for homeowners to make their unique vision a reality. This beautiful, bold color looks fantastic on bedroom walls, as well as front doors, accent walls and bathrooms.

Similar to your living area, use accents to bring lively coral or luxurious green into the bedroom. Try a bedspread with a pattern, accessories on the dresser, and decorative accent pillows.

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