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Five Benefits of Buying a New Home
July 19, 2019

Five Benefits of Buying a New Home

In today’s real estate market, resale properties are being claimed as soon as they are listed and new home construction is popping up on every other corner, deciding which is best for you can be a challenge.

Real estate buyers considering previously owned homes often pursue resale because they think it is cheaper and easier. However, as building practices become more streamlined, building a new home can cost the same or even less than buying an existing home. Cost isn’t the only reason to build a new home. Below we cover five benefits of working with a home builder on a brand-new home vs buying a resale.

Upgraded Features

When a family purchases an existing home, you get what’s already there – a limited number of bathrooms, small kitchen space, bad lighting/wiring and the list goes on. Most buyers purchase a resale

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home with plans to update the home, either with minor cosmetic changes or with major structural enhancements.

A new construction home allows the buyer custom options and control over the layout and interior design. New home buyers get to choose counter-tops, cabinets, flooring and optional upgrades to ensure that the home matches their design style and preferences. Our new homes have flexibility built in so that buyers can choose a floor plan that suits their needs.

Little Maintenance

Buyers must also consider the long-term cost of maintenance, regardless of what kind of home they choose. Resale properties have experienced normal wear and tear of residential life, which means they may require big-ticket maintenance items depending on the age. Whereas new homes are years away from requiring any major maintenance or replacement.

New homes are built using cutting-edge building products that are engineered to require less care and maintenance and are specifically engineered to work together. “New construction is simply meant to last longer, so homeowners are not likely to need to install a new roof, replace a water heater or air conditioner, or need plumbing repairs,” says Brooks Harris, Chief Business Development Officer for Harris Doyle Homes. “New homes make things much easier for homeowners, who will just be able to enjoy living in their home, and not be burdened with a ton of maintenance from the get-go.”

Build New + Warranty

A new home is just that, new. Everything in it, from the foundation to the framing beams reflects the latest in design trends and new-home construction. New construction offers buyer’s years of enjoyment before having to address roof, appliance and other repairs or replacements.Interior-design-elements

For a consumer, the warranty demonstrates that they are purchasing from a reputable builder who is agreeing to stand behind the home and its components. In addition to the home warranty, most appliances and many other components come with warranties for extended periods. When you purchase a resale home, a home inspection may not reveal a repair that will need to be completed a year or two down the road. The warranty will mean that at least a portion of the repair costs will be covered. At Harris Doyle Homes, we stand behind our work with a One Year Limited Warranty Agreement to ensure that repairs and corrections are made in a timely manner when certain things, both man-made and natural, do not function properly.

Energy Efficiency Savings

Today’s new home standards mean that energy savings are built right in. Walls, ceilings and floors are all insulated, single-pane windows are a thing of the past and new appliances generally use less energy. Newly-built homes also often include energy efficient appliances, like stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, furnaces, or air conditioning units.

Harris Doyle Homes builds new homes under today’s stringent building codes, including Alabama’s Statewide Energy Code, which are far more energy efficient than homes built even just a few years ago. Additionally, we offer low E (low-emissivity) window panes that reflect infrared energy, radiant barrier roof decking, tankless water heaters, high efficiency furnaces and spray foam insulation. For added comfort and convenience, we are also proud partners with ecobee, which offers energy efficient and award-winning products such as a smart Wi-Fi thermostat and light switch with built-in Amazon Alexa.trussville springs model

Buy New, Buy Now, Buy Here

From energy efficient features to greater square footage to financing options and more, Harris Doyle is proud to have built a reputation for providing the advantages of building new home in Birmingham and Auburn, with quality standards that homeowners can count on from start to finish.

At the end of the day, a used home was someone else’s dream, not yours. It reflects their style and layouts that worked for their family, not yours. You may learn to love avocado-green appliances (and you may be willing to scrub stained countertops or grease-encrusted ovens and cooktops) but more and more people prefer that never lived-in feel.

While it does take time to build a home, having the option to choose a floor plan and interior features that work for your lifestyle are worth the wait. Experience building a new home with us by connecting with one of our new home specialist. You’ll also find plenty of home buying tools and information to help make your new vs resale decision a bit easier throughout our website! Connect with us, you’ll be glad you did!

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