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2021 Design Trends: An Interview With Two Members Of The Harris Doyle Interior Design Team
January 25, 2021

2021 Design Trends: An Interview With Two Members Of The Harris Doyle Interior Design Team

We asked two Harris Doyle Interior Designers to make predictions about design trends in 2021. Alice Allen is the Interior Design Manager and leads design in our northern division in Birmingham, Ala. Danielle Maros works out of our southern division and leads design for all of Harris Doyle's Auburn, Ala. homeowners.

Both Alice and Danielle are exceptionally talented designers, and have a lot of new fresh ideas to surprise you with! In the next few paragraphs, the designers will cover everything from their thoughts on top colors for 2021 to furniture trends and tips to remember when designing a new home.

1. What do you think the color of the year will be for 2021?

Danielle: “I thought the color of the year would be a deep forest green. With everyone being stuck inside all year I was convinced that in 2021 the color of the year would represent the need to be outside and connect back with nature. However, I was way off the mark as Pantone’s colors for 2021 ended up being a gray and yellow tone.”

We have to agree with Danielle that a deep forest green would have been a good, suitable choice and it will be no surprise to still see this color make its appearance during the year.

The Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Year for 2021 is Urbane Bronze. It’s been a long-time favorite of designer, Alice Allen, with its deep and bold appearance, still subtle enough to be found in nature. It is also the paint choice for our exterior paint color for our home office in Birmingham! Pictured below.

Harris Doyle Homes Birmingham Office Exterior Paint Color

Alice: “In addition to Urbane Bronze, I think we will see some warmth begin to show back up. For several years, whites and greys have ruled design. With more people spending time at home and getting outdoors these days, you see a need to create a comfortable sanctuary that mimics that. Punchy colors paired with subtle hues help create a happy home! Expect to see more colors found in nature continue with last year’s trends.”

2. How would you incorporate the color of the year into a new home?

Alice: “I am one for a dramatic Primary Bedroom or Dining Room! Because this color is so dark, I prefer my deeper color selections to be in a room where I relax and unwind. My dining room is generally reserved for special gatherings with friends or family. The deep hue gives a cozy atmosphere. If you wanted to jazz a space up without so much color, you could add it to a feature wall or gallery.”

Danielle: “ I think at this point everyone has found a way to incorporate gray in their home, so I would rather focus on the yellow tone that was chosen by Pantone. Since it is a statement color, in my opinion, I would incorporate this in my home through accessories. Whether it be a throw pillow or fun rug – I think there are a lot of possibilities!”

Statement Colors Living Room

3. What style of furniture do you expect to see most in 2021?

Alice: “Mid-Century Modern is taking over the furniture market, however, for those that gravitate towards something a little more traditional or transitional--make way for the Art Deco Revival.  We’re starting to see this century-old style reemerging in textiles, furniture, and being swiped off the shelves of vintage flea markets.”

Danielle: “I think in 2021 we will continue seeing furniture style simplify. I feel like more modern and streamlined pieces will begin to dominate the market.”

Furniture Style

4. What textures and patterns do you think will be popular in 2021?

Danielle: “One trend that I loved and saw a lot of in 2020 was that mixing textures and patterns was becoming more mainstream in home décor. I think one area that will continue to grow is organic patterns. Over the last few years, we’ve seen delicate florals and nature-inspired patterns make their way back into home design and I think this trend will continue.”

Alice: “I think that grasscloth will make its way back into the mainstream designs.”


5. What piece of advice to do have for our 2021 homebuyers when designing their new home?

Alice: “Look at what you are choosing in things like countertops, cabinets, and tile closely. Will you be happy with it in 5-10 years? If the answer is no, you might want to look at what will make you happy. These are the big-ticket items that cost more to change down the road. Light fixtures, lamps, and paint colors can be changed over time, as they tend to show their age earlier.”

Danielle: “I would tell homebuyers to have fun! There are little things that you can do when designing a home that make it incredibly unique to you. Whether it be a paint color, light fixture, or furniture piece, there are a lot of areas where you can get creative and make a space yours without changing the entire feel of your home.”

We hope you found this interview useful and inspirational. Harris Doyle is excited to see what 2021 will bring to new home design. Thinking about building a new home in 2021? We’d love to guide you through the process. We have a team of four knowledgeable designers that will assist you in bringing your vision to reality. You can view our Auburn new home communities here or click here to view our Birmingham new home communities.

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