Highlands BarBirmingham is known for its Vulcan statue, safe environment and thick, spicy barbeque sauce. In an era where fast food is king, barbecue restaurants still remain dominant in Birmingham. However, recent studies show that this magic city has more to offer than just thick sauces and traditional barbecue. Thanks to many world-class chefs such as Frank Stitt, Birmingham is now known for its diverse culinary options. From pizza to French food with a southern flair, foodies of all types will find their happy place at one of the many Birmingham restaurants. Attesting to Birmingham’s growth as a true foodie city, Zagat recently named it the 14th hottest food city in the country, while Highlands Bar & Grill was named one of the best restaurants in the country, and the only one in the state of Alabama, by OpenTable.

To be a great food city, it helps to have a variety of restaurants mixed with southern charm. Downtown hotspots, neighborhood gems, food trucks, community gardens, local brewers and passionate chefs are all part of the mix, welcoming foodies with everything from traditional cooking to international concepts. The Birmingham Public Library even holds an annual Eat Drink Read Write festival that is dedicated to the idea of taking a risk and seeking out adventurous foods. Whether it’s trying a Thai restaurant based in a gas station or buying smoked ribs out of a parking lot, there are countless opportunities for culinary adventures in our daily lives.

According to the national restaurant guide Zagat.com, to get a sense of what’s happening right now in Birmingham dining, the Five Points South district is your destination. Zagat editors stated, “Overshadowed for years by its neighbors Nashville and Atlanta, Birmingham has now come into its own premier culinary destination.”

With the numerous diners, bars and cafes, tripadvisor.com has made it easy for foodies to know the top five places to eat in Birmingham:

  • Highlands Bar & Grill
  • El Barrio Restaurant y Bar
  • Chez Fonfon
  • Saw’s Soul Kitchen
  • Bottega Restaurant

Also given credit for the fantastic food and services are several butchers and delis, new breweries such as Avondale and pizza joints like Trattoria Centrale. Each restaurant in Birmingham is unique and offers food that will have customers begging for more.

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