Pumpkin Coffee Table

Liz Marie Pumpkin Coffee Table

Halloween may have come and gone, but the South is just now really experiencing true fall-like weather! Leaves are starting to change, and the temperatures are chilly enough to see your breath in the early mornings. All of these changes have us excited for bonfires, flannel, scarves and boots – oh my! And, if you’re anything like us, you’re ready to incorporate these fall elements into your home, too!

There are so many ways to bring fall to your home décor, from simple to extravagant and budget-friendly to high dollar. We talked with our designers, Alice and Erin, about their favorite ways to incorporate top fall trends in their home without breaking the bank, while still keeping it classy. In fact, some of their ideas can be incorporated year-round, not just in the fall!

Using monochromatic colors such as shades of cream, white or green creates a sophisticated backdrop for fall inspired elements. In fact, white and green are becoming increasingly popular as fall colors in place of the bolder orange, gold and red shades we’re used to seeing. Even pumpkins have gone green and white! But perhaps the best part of this color shake-up is that it can be enjoyed year-round instead of just during the fall season.

Southern Living Mantel

Southern Living Fall Mantel

One advantage of living in the south is that we enjoy green leaves and blooming flowers much longer than our northern neighbors. In fact, it’s still warm enough this time of the year to find hydrangeas blooming. Late season hydrangeas come in a wide variety of shades, ranging from the desirable pale green and white all the way to rusty, making them perfect for fall arrangements.

There are lots of other natural elements that can be incorporated into tablescapes or arrangements other than the traditional mums or sunflowers. These include Jackson vine clippings, ornamental cabbages, which can last well into the winter, or even winter ferns. Other options include the every-popular tree cuttings from maples and magnolias, or even dried flowers.

Go even more natural by snipping branches from pretty flame-red or brilliant yellow trees outside as their leaves change. Snip a single branch and sit it down in a tall vase by itself, or add it to a greenery arrangement for a splash of color. You can even get the kids involved by taking them on a nature walk and having them help! While you snip branches, allow the children to pick up acorns or small pinecones that can be incorporated into large bowls or apothecary jars with candles. If you are successful on the pinecone hunt, take them home and use this recipe from Martha Stewart to create bleached pinecones – they’ll coordinate perfectly with a green and white color scheme!

One of our designers’ favorite ways to add warmth to their home during the fall and even winter seasons is to incorporate chunky sweater throws or faux fur blankets into the décor. Add them to your sitting areas or fold them across your guest bed for added warmth at night. These are readily available this time of year from retailers like Target or TJ Maxx, or they can be ordered online from places like Overstock or Wayfair.

Another space in the living room that can easily transition to fall is the mantle. Alice and Erin recommend keeping it simple. Make sure your décor items are asymmetrical but balanced, and don’t overwhelm the space by making it cluttered and busy. Add a few apothecary jars filled with small acorns or dried corn kernels, and incorporate a candle inside them. Or, add a few mercury glass elements like pumpkins, or even cotton stems, as it’s currently cotton-picking season. You can even get local cotton from places like Old Baker Farm in Harpersville!

Stonegableblog Amazing Thanksgiving Table

Stonegableblog Amazing Thanksgiving Table

If you like to keep your formal table set for guests year-round, just a few simple changes can have it ready for the harvest season in no time. Change out your dishes to include warm gold chargers under solid white dinner plates, and add simple seasonal napkins. Use some of the natural elements mentioned above in a big bowl on table as a centerpiece, and add in faux bittersweet berries, pumpkins or even dried maize.

When planning out your seasonal décor, our designers want you to remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect! While Pinterest has us all aspiring to be just like Joanna Gaines, that’s not realistic for most people’s everyday lives. Enjoy a few randomly placed items, and don’t be afraid to incorporate juvenile items or family heirlooms that bring in the season while still showing that your home is lived in and has personality.

If you’re on a tight budget or don’t want to spend a lot on items that will only be displayed in your home for a few weeks or months each year, Alice and Erin shared their favorite places for finding inexpensive treasures. Don’t skip over places like the Target dollar spot, and be sure to check out Wal-Mart’s Pioneer Woman brand for fall décor at exceptional prices. You can also find incredible options from At Home or even Big Lots. These places allow you to look like you bought the designer brands while only spending a quarter of the price!

One of the perks of building a new home with Harris Doyle Homes is the access to our incredible design team! Every homeowner has the opportunity to work with one of our three designers- Alice, Erin or Danielle – as they make selections for their new home. If you’re ready to begin building the home of your dreams in Birmingham, contact us today at harrisdoyle.com.