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We realize that a home is the largest investment most people will make in their lifetime. We want our customers to feel great about making that investment with us – that’s why Harris Doyle developed a comprehensive customer care program that you can count on.  

We strive for perfection in every home we build and are proud of our track record and quality. However, building a new home requires working with both natural and man-made products and literally hundreds of thousands of parts, so it’s not uncommon for something to need adjusting after closing. If that happens, you can feel confident in our One Year Limited Warranty Agreement, which ensures that repairs and corrections are made in a timely manner when things do not function properly.

Our dedicated Customer Care Team is there to make sure all customer care requests are handled in a timely fashion from the date of closing all the way to the end of the 1-year warranty period. 

Customer Care Request Info

In order to manage your policy effectively, we have developed the procedures outlined below. These procedures are designed to make the customer care experience efficient and effective, and they have been developed over time based on our extensive experience. Please familiarize yourself with these procedures so that you will know what to expect from the Customer Care Team during your first year.

What if I have a Non-Emergency Repair Request?

These may be emailed to Birmingham at customercare@harrisdoyle.com, Auburn at auburncustomercare@harrisdoyle.com, Baldwin County at baldwincountycustomercare@harrisdoyle.com and Coastal at coastalcustomercare@harrisdoyle.com

A service order will then be issued and emailed out to a Trade Partner and you. The Trade Partner should contact you within 3 business days to schedule the warranty service and complete the service order within 10 business days. The Trade Partner will ask that you sign the service order once the work is completed.

How to file an Emergency Repair Request

If an emergency happens during non-business hours, you may call the Trade Partner's emergency phone numbers. These stickers are located on the inside of the breaker box. Requests that are considered an emergency include electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. 

When are One Time Repairs handled?

 As your new home adjusts to varying seasonal conditions during your first year, certain items may require maintenance such as:

  • Caulking trim seperations or cracks
  • Grout separation or cracks
  • Countertop separation from the wall
  • Nail pops in drywall

These items are available for a one-time repair. We recommend waiting until near the end of the 1-year warranty before emailing to report these items so that all shrinkage cracks, etc. have had time to appear.

How often will I get updates from the Customer Care team on my request?

We strive to keep our homeowners informed about the status of their Warranty Requests as often as possible. However, certain situations require that we find answers to questions from our trade partners. Sometimes these answers are not available immediately and take time to obtain. If this situation applies to you, we will do our best to obtain information as quickly as possible. We will also communicate the status of your request every few days, but if you desire information more quickly then please feel free to email your Customer Care Team.

What is the best way to file a Customer Care Request?

ALL REPAIR REQUESTS MUST BE MADE IN WRITING. In order for Harris Doyle Homes to properly manage our customer care system, all Repair Requests must be submitted in writing via email Birmingham at customercare@harrisdoyle.com, Auburn at auburncustomercare@harrisdoyle.com, Baldwin County at baldwincountycustomcare@harrisdoyle.com and Coastal at coastalcustomercare@harrisdoyle.com or mail (3111 Timberlake Dr, Birmingham, AL 35243). Writing is the preferred method that we encourage homeowners to use, but phone calls also work too.

Scheduling a Repair Visit

Repairs will only be scheduled to begin and end during NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS of M-F 8am - 5pm. We DO NOT schedule work (except for emergencies) on weekends or after business hours. Our Trade Partners typically work only during normal business hours so these are the only times that work can be performed. In addition, Harris Doyle Homes does not have staff available on weekends to handle service requests properly. We realize that this can often create a problem with work schedules and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Some repairs may require visits from more than one trade. When this happens, we do our best to schedule the trades to come in on the same day but some cases require multiple trades, and therefore multiple days, to complete. You will be required to be at home during each of those days in order for us to complete the work.

You may be asked to sign the Repair Service Order when the Trade Partner has finished the repair. However, this is NOT a part of your Home Purchase Agreement and is not a binding contract. We ask for the signature in order for us to keep a record of quality control. If you choose not to sign an item after the work has been performed and the Customer Care Team determines that the work has been done to our Building Quality Standards, they will note that on the form and close-out the warranty item.


Below is a link to our PDF for all information regarding common customer requests.

Customer Care Request Form
Add Customer Care Item

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Harris Doyle Homes - A Berkshire Hathaway Company


(205) 307-5366

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