Birmingham new homesAccording to many real estate agents, Super Bowl Sunday is the start to the real estate season. Typically, this is because the market starts to open up around this time, which means interested home buyers start looking and sellers start listing.

What drives this correlation between Super Bowl Sunday and the real estate market? When you think about it, it makes sense. Football brings many people together under one roof. The Super Bowl is a perfect excuse to have a party, which consists of a group of friends together at a house or in a “man cave” with finger food, beer, chips and dip, maybe even poker, and of course a large TV. The coziness and hominess of this type of atmosphere can drive some prospective home buyers to make the decision to start looking for their own piece of coziness.

Another possible reason for this rise in real estate interest post Super Bowl is a lack of football on Sundays. Without football to watch, Sundays become the perfect day for couples to look for homes. Many real estate agents use the Super Bowl as a kickoff event for an open house, which could be another thing pushing buyers into new homes.

With all this buzz surrounding the real estate market and the Super Bowl, as well as an improving real estate market, the market may become a seller’s market. This means that house prices may begin to rise, so now would be a savvy time to buy.

Whatever the reason for Super Bowl Sunday being the start of the real estate market interest, take advantage of the opportunity. If you find yourself looking for Birmingham new homes, get a hold of one of our agents at and schedule a model home tour.