When searching for a new home for you and your family, many home buyers are interested in learning the pros and cons of purchasing a new home vs. purchasing a used home. There are many benefits to buying new – from lowered utility bills to warranty programs – buying a new home makes a lot of sense for homeowners who are looking for a home that suites their taste and requires low maintenance.

Floor Plans

When buying a new home, homeowners have the opportunity to build their dream home with modern architectural styles, updated floor plans and current conveniences. Unfortunately, home design trends change frequently and what was once popular in the 1990s and even early 2000s is not necessarily what is popular for today’s modern family. Outdated floor plans overwhelm the used housing market, creating the need for renovations and modern updates.


Rest assured that you will be well taken care of when purchasing new. Building a new home deals with working with natural and man-made products, while coordinating up to 50 subcontractors and vendors to assemble these products correctly. At Harris Doyle, we never claim to build a perfect home – that is why we stand behind the quality of our work with a One Year Limited Warranty Agreement. This agreement ensures that repairs and corrections are made in a timely manner. Dependable builders will have a strong warranty program that will address possible problems that occur with a new home.

Buying a used home, because of its age and the quality of products depending on when it was built, typically require more maintenance than newer homes. They need work more often due to unexpected repairs.

Modern Conveniences

Currently, a spacious master bedroom and bathroom suite is a high priority for many homeowners. When building a new home with Harris Doyle, you can select a floorplan that features all modern master bedroom suite amenities that you need. His and her closets? Check. Walk in-shower and tub? Check. Not a bath tub person? No worries, we can make your shower even bigger. Older homes, more often than not, have outdated floorplans with undersized master bathrooms and closets, increasing the need for a renovation.

Kitchens also faced a bad rap back in the day. Today, homeowners want an open kitchen with plenty of space to cook and eat meals with modern appliances. The popular open floor plan trend opens the kitchen to the living room so that the family chef can interact with the rest of the family during mealtime.  Older homes typically have closed off, small kitchens with archaic appliances.

Open floor plan

Energy Efficiency

New homes are built with energy efficiency in mind and feature efficient floorplans to accommodate lower energy bills and costs. Each home at Harris Doyle features smart, programmable thermostats so you can have more value and control over the temperature of your home. Room-to-room temperatures are more consistent and indoor air quality is higher.

Older homes were often built with inefficient architecture and appliances, which lead to high utility bills. Used homes often have drafty windows and doors, which = affect the overall comfort level of your home.


When you purchase a used home, you’re automatically settling for someone else’s preferences and taste. Sure, you can remodel the home and update aesthetics as needed but that requires work and more money. When buying new, you have the option to select floor plans that suite your tastes. At Harris Doyle, we offer over 6,700 design options for you to choose from to help build this new home exactly how you want it.

Master bathroom