Jessica Earnest

In order to understand how Harris Doyle Homes provides our homeowners with the best possible service, you must first understand how each team member in various positions work together to accomplish all of the company’s and client’s goals.  From our interior designers to our new home specialists, every team member wears a special hat in our company. We’re honored to welcome our new Quality Assurance Coordinator and Permit Coordinator, Jessica Earnest, to our growing team!

Jessica has been in the homebuilding industry for twelve years, working with other homebuilders handling contracts, specifications and permits. She has also worked with a local mortgage company learning another side of the field as a lending assistant. After five years as a lending assistant, she was ready to jump back into the homebuilding industry and positive reviews and research led her to Harris Doyle Homes.

As a Quality Assurance and Permit Coordinator, Jessica is extremely talented and helps our team and clients in many ways. Pin-pointing her daily tasks are impossible but her primary job responsibilities are to work with homeowners on warranty questions and matters and coordinate work that is scheduled to be performed with specific trade partners. She also assists with homeowner orientations and coordinates building permits.

Jessica has always had a passion for the construction and real estate industry. “My family has been in the industry for years,” she states. “I always say it’s in our blood!”

Aside from fulfilling her passion, she also loves being able to assist in the process of making a homeowner’s dreams come true with their new home. Jessica’s role in our team is vital for a smooth and safe homebuilding process. A career in this field takes organization and dedication, among many other talents. With a solid background and devotion to succeed, Jessica is a wonderful addition to the team at Harris Doyle Homes!

“I love the culture at Harris Doyle,” states Jessica. “Everyone is already like family.”

Our team members at Harris Doyle are truly a driving force behind our success, and we are proud to be each other’s work family. To learn more about Harris Doyle Homes, visit