I caught an article on al.com a couple of weeks ago that made me so proud. One of our new residents in Longmeadow, Karen Johns, recently returned from a trip to South Africa where she coached the USA Junior Women’s Softball Team to a gold medal. In the al.com article from 12/23/11 by William Thorton, Mrs. Johns said “It was fun for me to watch them experience winning gold medals, which is a tradition for the USA program… To watch them come together as a team and stay together, go out and get the job done was rewarding as a coach.”
Since winning the gold, Mrs. Johns has said she plans to retire from USA Junior Women’s Softball, although she will remain in her position as the Athletic Director for Trussville City Schools. “It’s nice to go out on top with a great group of kids,” she said. “This was one of the best groups we have ever been around.” Congratulations, Karen, on a job well done… we love having you in Longmeadow!