Birmingham real estateSpring is the perfect time for sprucing up your home. As the weather begins to warm up, take advantage of those mild, clear, sunny days before the summertime heat zaps you of all of your time and energy! A couple of weekends of spring cleaning can get your home looking and feeling like new again, and get you ready for the cookouts, traveling and long and busy days of summer.

Now is the time to tackle those areas you would normally skip, like curtains, baseboards and sliding glass shower door tracks. Get behind couches, beds and other heavy furnishings to vacuum thoroughly. Wipe down baseboards with a microfiber cloth. Wash painted interior walls with warm water; spot treat marks on your painted walls with warm water and mild dish detergent. Scrub shower door tracks with dish detergent and warm water. Curtains and draperies likely just need a good vacuuming with the upholstery attachment on your vacuum. Either roll up your rugs and have them professionally cleaned, or take them outside on a clear day to air out and for a thorough vacuuming. Machine wash smaller rugs and mats.

In the bedrooms, rotate and flip mattresses, wash mattress pads and bed skirts and freshen pillows either by sunning them outside in the fresh air or using the air (not heat) setting of your clothes dryer.

In the kitchen, clean out your refrigerator and freezer and vacuum your refrigerator coils. Clean out the inside of your oven. Clean your dishwasher by running an empty cycle with just two cups of vinegar (filled in a dishwasher-safe container) to kill bacteria.

Don’t forget about the outside of your home. Pressure wash siding to remove dirt and mildew. Wash windows inside and out. Degrime concrete patios and outdoor umbrellas with warm water and a gentle, eco-friendly cleaner to rinse away mildew, and then let air dry. Spot-treat concrete stains as needed with a solution of bleach and warm water. Wipe down exterior lamps/lighting fixtures with a soft, damp microfiber cloth. Clean wood and wicker furniture with a soft-bristled brush, warm water and dish soap and let air dry.

Spring cleaning is not just about cleaning out the dust and cobwebs of winter, it is also a great time to rid your home of the clutter that fills your closets and tries your patience. Take time to purge your closets and dresser drawers of the clothes you no longer wear and linens and towels you no longer use. In the bathroom, safely discard any medicines that have expired or that you no longer need. In the kitchen, go through each cabinet and consider donating appliances and dishes that you no longer use. Toss out expired spices and food from your fridge and pantry.

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