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Harris Doyle’s Erin Brigham Talks Design Trends
July 19, 2019

Harris Doyle’s Erin Brigham Talks Design Trends

Once you’ve decided on a floor plan for your new Harris Doyle home, your choices are just beginning. Erin Brigham, one of our Interior Designers at Harris Doyle Homes, regularly works with Birmingham new home buyers in the Harris Doyle design center. She is an expert at identifying design trends and educating home buyers as they go through the home design process.

We took a few minutes to sit down with Erin and find out the latest trends in the world of interior design.

The Latest Design Trends

Erin started the conversation with talking about trendy color selections, highlighting creamy whites and bold accents. “We’re definitely seeing a slow farewell from the cold grays and a rebirth of the warmer undertones, meaning creamy whites in the paint selections and brass accents in cabinet hardware, lighting, and plumbing fixtures.” Erin went on to say, “Another big trend is the use of bold colors for accent spaces, like master bedrooms, dining rooms, or powder rooms. A deep jewel-toned color, or darker tone with more contrast creates a more moody and romantic atmosphere with lots of personality.”

The Harris Doyle Designers have also started seeing a lot of request for white kitchen countertops accented by a farmhouse sink; pedestal tubs and frameless glass showers in the master bath; and full-brick fireplaces with cedar mantles in the family room.

“Our design studio has some beautiful options available, and if these aesthetics are your dream, we definitely want to prioritize them in your budget,” she says.

Erin and the other interior designers at Harris Doyle also have their favorite tips. “Some homeowners overlook it but adding some specialty trim detail in the master bedroom can really make a distinct and elegant space,” says Erin.

She also encourages buyers to opt for the 12-foot sliding glass panel wall in the family room if their plan allows it. Its addition expands the space by connecting to outdoor living and maximizes natural light coming into the home.

How to Incorporate Smart Home Technology In Your Home

Harris Doyle keeps it a priority to integrate smart home technology, and smart home upgrade options, for all of our home buyers. For example, buyers can install a smart irrigation control panel that watches the weather and will stop sprinklers from running the regularly scheduled cycle if rain is coming.

At home entryways, Erin says the buyers are excited about the SmartCode 916 touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt with Z-Wave technology that allows them to control their home locks from anywhere, set a timer to lock or unlock doors, and monitor the comings and goings of individuals with a touchscreen keypad.

The NuTone Knock smart video doorbell with a camera and two-way audio, is another smart home option offered by Harris Doyle. The NuTone Knock allows homeowners to speak with visitors through their phone’s app no matter where they are. Security and privacy features include motion detection, heat sensors, and even a “Do Not Disturb” setting to prevent a doorbell ring when the baby is sleeping.

As well as secure locks Harris Doyle has a new partnership with Chorus SmartSecure which provides home security packages fit specifically for the individual needs of each household. “Special setup packages are available like a video package for home surveillance, an energy package with a smart thermostat and programmable smart dimmer switches, or homeowners can elect for the full setup with all available features to make their smart home automation all encompassing.  Their systems are all setup through alarm.com which allows you the ability to monitor your home from anywhere!” says Erin.

Making Your Home Energy Efficiency

One area that Erin says that is important and a great investment that many new homebuilders have not considered before they enter the design center is energy efficiency. In their meetings with clients, Erin and the other designers discuss Harris Doyle’s high efficiency standards built into each home and present additional options.

A popular choice is solar board roof decking, which Erin says will lower the heat buildup in the attic, decrease the load on the HVAC, and make the space more comfortable in the summer (and, as Erin says, less destructive to your Christmas decorations).

“We also offer spray foam insulation, which essentially makes your home into a YETI cooler and provides one of the best safeguards to your home interior against the hot summer months,” states Erin.

Erin and the design staff are familiar with the standard features of each community, so they’re able to guide their homeowners through the selection process of items provided in their homes already and those that require an additional investment. “I like to think of our design time together as play time,” says Erin. “It’s not only our opportunity to see how the finishes come together aesthetically, but it’s also our chance to see how additional costs add up and affect the total sales price of the home. It’s our goal to make sure we build the house that’s right for you and fits in your taste and your budget!”

If you’re looking for more design trends and inspiration, visit or social channels. You’ll find lots of ideas on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. For more information on our communities and homes, visit www.harrisdoyle.com.

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