Riverhouse Project, Bright familyIf you haven’t been keeping up with the Riverhouse Project on the Harris Doyle Homes Facebook page, you have been missing out on a truly unique adventure that will make you laugh, cry, and cheer with excitement! Together with B-Metro Magazine, the team at Harris Doyle has been building and chronicling the process of constructing a new custom home on the river for an inspirational family in Trussville Springs.

Just a few months ago, our Facebook fans met couple Bill and Lisa Bright who have been happily married and living in Birmingham for 32 years. Sadly, the couple experienced tremendous tragedy after they lost their son, Will, in his battle with drug addiction. It was at this point that the couple was faced with a life-altering decision—to stay in their current home or find a fresh start and continue on their journey to heal from the loss.

“There are a lot of memories in our current house,” explained Bill in an interview with B-Metro. “We don’t want to lose those memories, but we felt like we needed a clean start.”

Eighteen weeks into the project, the Bright family’s custom home on the river has come a long way. From watching Bill and Lisa take photos on the dirt of the empty home site in week two to watching sheet rock go up earlier this month, Harris Doyle Homes fans have fallen for this inspirational couple. Throughout the project, the Brights have worked closely with Harris Doyle Designer Alice Allen to select all of their interior features and finishes in an effort to bring their vision into reality, including durable flooring (a must-have for the couple with three grandchildren), interior and exterior paint colors, contemporary light fixtures, kitchen backsplash and cabinetry, as well as unique elements that will complete the “rustic-modern” look.

The Brights have selected budget-friendly reclaimed oak skins from Evolutia to add to a nook in their kitchen as well as beautiful wood beams that will function as headers throughout the main floor. Additional highlights of the home include vaulted ceilings, a metal roof, and spacious back porch with an outdoor fireplace and views of the river on three sides. Most recently, the Bright family has been selecting fabric and furniture to compliment their new Trussville Springs home as the Harris Doyle team continues to make steady progress with construction.

Visit B-Metro online or the Harris Doyle Homes Facebook page to see all of the weekly updates and be sure to follow along and give your feedback using the #TheRiverhouseProject.

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