McCaleb GrantArmed with a passion for seeing ideas come to fruition, degrees in development and experience in building, Grant McCaleb has joined the Harris Doyle Homes family as the new Acquisitions and Development Manager.  Through his interest and expertise, we know he will add a layer of high level service to building with Harris Doyle.

McCaleb started his career in building early, working for his uncle’s company during his high school summers. In 2008, he became a licensed homebuilder and has worked in many capacities on job sites. McCaleb has served as jobsite superintendent, project manager, business development and as an entrepreneur in both single family and multi-family construction. This breadth of experience will serve him well in his role at Harris Doyle. McCaleb has also earned a Masters of Real Estate Development from Auburn University which adds to his skills and enlightens his approach to homebuilding projects.

Harris Doyle strives to create a positive work environment for our staff, and McCaleb says he was attracted to that before signing on. “When people enjoy what they do, it shows, and everything has been exactly as they said it would be,” he says. In other words, the work and his colleagues are as laid back as promised, “even though we are all great at what we do, no one takes themselves too seriously.” He says aside from the great workspace environment, he enjoys “seeing plans come to fruition in a place that brings people, families and friends together….We LIVE here and it’s great to be part of that.”

In his role as Acquisitions and Development Manager, McCaleb’s main focus is on procuring and developing Harris Doyle communities that provide a place for an exceptional family lifestyle with our local communities. He prioritizes his day around what’s coming down the pipeline, with an eye on current project needs, but mainly a focus on continuing to create Harris Doyle homes in the future.

McCaleb is motivated by creating homes and places for families to use and enjoy for years-on-end. He says that the “lasting impact of what we do makes for a satisfying ‘day at the office.’” He loves to approach challenging projects, and enjoys especially “taking a step back to thoughtfully provide the best product possible. “ He says that Harris Doyle Homes are not intended to be rubber stamped, same-as-ever homes.

Harris Doyle is pleased to welcome McCaleb to the family and look forward to working with him. Learn about our home building process by visiting us online.