Pike Road Mayor Gordon Stone challenged residents to commit to the educational future of the city’s students during an impassioned speech at the groundbreaking for the new Pike Road School earlier this month.

“Let today be a day of re-commitment where the reflection and realization help you understand how important it is to commit to being a part of every step we take from this day forward,” stated Stone. “Because what will make our schools system the best it can be will be that we continue to evolve, we continue to make sure that our dedication to greatness, our dedication to excellence, our commitment to the kind of teaching and to creating the high expectations of our students never, ever waivers.“

The new Pike Road School part of the Pike Road Educational System for Excellence in Teaching (PRESET) and is set to open in August 2015 with grades K-8. An additional year of high school will be added each year until 2019 when all grades K-12 will be available. Pike Road School is located off Marler Road in The Waters community and is a Professional Development School, which is a partnership between a local school system and a university. Four universities, Alabama State University, Auburn University, Auburn Montgomery and Troy University, will work with PRESET.

Students in the school system benefit by having local educators, both new and experienced, work with university faculty to develop the best learning practices. Student teachers will be placed in classrooms with veteran teachers to gain valuable on-the-job experience. These teachers can then find teaching positions in the Pike Road school system or in other systems in the state, thanks to their experience. At the same time young teachers are learning, students in the system are being educated by the best educators with university-approved techniques.

The school and the system itself came from a long period of planning on how best to educate students in the area. Now after years of planning, the system and the school itself are on their way to becoming reality. However, once the school is done the focus on education and improvement should not change, added Stone. Residents and educators need to remain committed to having the best school in the state.

For more information about Pike Road new homes at The Waters call Jennifer Atkins at 334-799-6251.