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Sometimes, bad things happen. Most of the time, we can’t predict or control them; we can only prepare for them in hopes of minimizing the damage. That’s why insurance is important when buying a home.

However, choosing the right amount of insurance for your home can be a tricky balancing act between affordability and adequate coverage.  Even with an insurance policy, there may still be some gaps in coverage. We’ve put together some of the more common gaps in homeowner’s insurance so you can be prepared to protect your home and all of the memories that are made in it.


Insurance experts often say one of the most common gaps in homeowner’s insurance is not having enough coverage. The amount needed to replace your home if it were destroyed should be based on the cost of rebuilding a home, not the market value. Often, those numbers are very different and could leave you with not enough to replace your home after a covered disaster.


According to a recent analysis from Travelers Insurance, windstorms are the most common cause of home damage with the average wind and hail claim being $8,041. Many insurance policies even have a separate windstorm and hurricane deductable that is much higher than the home’s regular deductable. They are typically based on a percentage of the value of a home and it can range as high as 5 percent.


Homeowners insurance does not cover flooding. While you may think you live in an area that could never flood, reported that 20 percent of a National Flood Insurance Program claims were from people outside of high-risk flood areas. Considering adding a flood insurance policy for your home may turn out to be the best idea you’ve ever had.


A home invasion is probably the last thing anyone wants to think about happening to them, but unfortunately, it’s a possibility. According to Travelers Insurance, it is the fifth most-common homeowner’s insurance claim. Homeowners should be aware of policy sublimits. These can cap coverage on valuables in the home like jewelry, electronics, artwork and antiques. It’s easy to go over the limit on valuables, and homeowners should talk with their insurers to find the best fit for them.


The most costly cause of damage in a home is fire, according to Travelers Insurance. The average fire and lightning damage claim is almost $40,000. In a situation like a fire where there is a risk of a home being a total loss, it is important to have a count of all the belongings in a home, and keep it updated throughout the years. Keep in mind that the items in your home will only be covered for their replacement value, rather than their cash value. So if you paid $800 for your couch five years ago, you might only get $500 to replace it.

Nobody wants to have any of these things happen to their homes, but they can all be unfortunate side effects of owning your own home. We work hard to create the perfect home for our customers, but even in all our careful planning and construction, we can’t predict the future. The best way to prepare is to be informed, especially about your homeowner’s insurance.

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