Birmingham new homeCollege football comes to a close next Monday, January 7th, as Alabama takes on Notre Dame for the National Championship. Notre Dame has not won a national title since 1988, while a win for Alabama would mean three national titles in four years. According to, television analysts report that this will be the most watched BCS national championship game and could be the most watched college football game in history. Whether you are cheering for Alabama to win or just celebrating the title game, Monday night will be an exciting time for college football in your Birmingham new home.

Alabama comes into the game with a record of 12-1 after an exciting win over Georgia to claim the SEC title. Notre Dame came into the season unranked and worked their way to the number one spot by going undefeated. While Alabama is a part of what is arguably the hardest conference in college football (SEC teams have won the last six national titles), Notre Dame is not affiliated with any conference, causing some football fans to question their number one ranking.

This championship game will be the first time the two teams have met since 1987 and both teams have something to prove. Alabama is looking to become only the third team in poll history to win three championships in four years and their coach, Nick Saban, is looking to become the fourth coach to win four or more national titles. While both programs have historically produced quality football programs, Notre Dame has struggled in recent years. This is their comeback tour and they are looking to prove that they are once again a powerhouse in college football. Interestingly, Alabama and Notre Dame have played each other six times and Notre Dame holds a 5-1 edge over the series.

During the season, the state of Alabama is divided among Alabama and Auburn, but as one team looks to capture back-to-back titles, college football fans across the state will be cheering on their “home” team.

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