The Riverhouse Project in TrussvilleAre you a fan of TV shows that highlight remodeling and home renovation projects? Imagine what it would it be like to hear testimony from homeowners as they design their dream home with a local home builder, as well as see details of the project unfold from beginning to end. Harris Doyle Homes is thrilled to bring that experience to Birmingham as B-Metro Magazine chronicles what it is like for one Trussville Springs couple to build a custom home from scratch.

Over the next several months, B-Metro will chronicle our weekly construction progress and interview the homeowners throughout this exciting and momentous process.

The highlighted homeowners are Bill and Lisa Bright, a Birmingham couple who have already successfully built a made-to-last relationship together, most recently celebrating 32 years of marriage. For them, the Riverhouse Project means much more than gaining a new home. It means opening a new chapter in their lives after experiencing a life altering family tragedy.

“We thought at our age, we shouldn’t be moving; we should just stay where we are,” says Lisa. But when the couple lost their son, Will, to a drug overdose after his battle with addiction, they found themselves questioning whether or not staying in their current home was the right move.

“There are a lot of memories in our current house,” explains Bill. “We don’t want to lose those memories, but we felt like we needed a clean start.”

We are deeply inspired by this wonderful family and look forward to building the home of their dreams where they can relax, fill the rooms with laughter, and enjoy the company of their two daughters, Ashley and Amy, as well as their three grandchildren.  From watching football games, to playing in the nearby river, to eating around the farmhouse table together, we can’t wait to see what wonderful memories the future Riverhouse will hold.

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