Homes in Montgomery AlabamaThe town of Pike Road is located in Montgomery County, Alabama, and according to the Census Bureau, this little municipality has seen a 14.5 percent growth in population size since 2012. As a result, Pike Road has been named the fastest growing municipality in the state. Harris Doyle builds gorgeous homes in Montgomery County at a community called The Waters. Offering residents a relaxed lifestyle and a friendly environment, the community is a prime example of the reason for the growth in Pike Road.

Starting small, Pike Road began with a population of around 300 people. Over the past three years, Pike Road hasn’t just grown—it has thrived! With a current population of 8000 residents, the town continues to see significant growth and economic development.

“Pike Road is a special place,” said Gordon Stone, Mayor of Pike Road. “Our unique municipal model is built on great partnerships, strong volunteers, dedicated staff and an engaged group of residents. We’ve listened to the people from day one and stayed true to what was important to them. Careful planning with an emphasis on preserving our character has been a fundamental component from the beginning.”

The Town of Pike Road places strong value on town planning, education and quality of life. As a result, current and future residents are afforded great opportunities to enjoy the slow-moving, small town atmosphere of Pike Road.

A prime example of this relaxed and neighborly atmosphere is a Pike Road community called The Waters. Recently named a “modern day Mayberry” by Healthy Horizons magazine, The Waters incorporates many unique features into the community’s way of life that make it the perfect place to live.

Every home in this community is built with a front porch, and the porch is much more than a place to sit; they’re a place to live. Residents in this community use their front porches on a regular and consistent basis for visiting neighbors and hosting small gatherings. When home owners aren’t on their front porches, they’re taking their golf carts down the road to their neighbor’s porch or to the local community restaurant and businesses.

With amenities like green spaces, a lake, a gazebo-style entertainment area, a soccer field, a basketball court and a tennis court, The Waters has everything needed to live happily and comfortably.

Now is the perfect time to find a new home in The Waters; with a new school being built and continuous population and economic growth, Pike Road will only become bigger and bigger.

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