The new year always brings on an onslaught of resolutions and new trends, particularly in the world of home design. This January, we fondly said goodbye to the popular trends of 2017 that touched homes across the nation – such as Pantone’s color of the year, “Greenery,” and colorful mixed patterns. The design trends you can expect to see in 2018 give a nod to utilizing color in home décor, particularly deep saturated colors and cool gem tones, and incorporate a variety of metal finishes to add depth to your design. Our design team, with our very on-trend designers Allice Allen, Erin Brigham and Danielle Maros, elaborate on what trends homeowners can expect to see in home design in 2018.

Color – and lots of it!

For what feels like forever, neutral colors have been the center of attention when it comes to interior décor. This will gradually begin to change in 2018. With the announcement of Pantone’s ‘Ultra Violet,’ Sherwin William’s ‘Oceanside,’ and Benjamin Moore’s ‘Caliente,’ paint companies are kicking off 2018 with an array of deep, saturated colors.


You can also expect to see homeowners utilizing colored trim this year.

“Homeowners are starting to tire of the classic white trim and are looking to branch into other colors for their baseboards, crown molding and window/door casings,” said Danielle Maros. “We should still expect to see the traditional white trim, as it is as classic staple for those who like to play it safe, but for those who want to mix things up in 2018, a pop of color on their trim will be a simple way to add a new layer of dimension into their design.”

Cool tones will still be a popular choice, but warm neutrals such as greige tones, creamy whites, warm grays and brown-blacks are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Colors like Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige, Amazing Gray and Warm Stone are some of our designer’s favorite neutrals, while Natural Choice is their go-to creamy white color of choice and Sealskin is their preferred deep neutral.

acessible beige amazing gray natural choice restrained gold sealskin warm stone

“My absolute favorite color, which I feel never goes out of style but aligns with the warm tones, is Sherwin Williams, Restrained Gold,” said Alice Allen. “I’ve had it on my walls in every home I have lived in. It pairs well with just about anything and warms a space up.”

The Decline of the All-White Kitchen

Believe it or not, our design team believes that 2018 is the year we will start to see a slow decline in the ever-popular, all-white kitchen. Although it will still undoubtedly be a popular choice, punch colors in backsplashes will start to make way back into the kitchen to add a little color and spice up this central room!

Mixing Metals

At Harris Doyle, our design team always encourages customers to mix their metal finishes to add depth and customization to their home. “Mixing metals is going to gain more momentum this year in other markets,” said Erin Brigham. “It’s OK to have dark bronze light fixtures, a chrome sink faucet, and copper cabinet hardware, in fact it looks stunning!”


Mixing metal finishes creates a layered and customized home with more dimension and warmth.  “If the style of the item coordinates with your home’s interior style, then once it all comes together it will look excellent,” said Erin.

Chrome, in particular, has had a bad rap in the past, but the shiny mirrored finish of chrome (or polished nickel) is definitely making a comeback in 2018 and in a good way. Lighting companies have several fresh, new designs in chrome finishes that are very impressive and have the HD design team drooling. For a bright, clean and airy look, chrome light fixtures are the way to go!

Hand crafted tiles

Another trend our design team is expecting to see more of in 2018 is the use of seemingly hand-crafted tiles. While they are mass produced, Harris Doyle offers many tiles that look either hand cut or hand painted.

“I love Stone Peak Ceramic’s Palazzo Antique Cotto line for a hand painted tile,” said Alice “This gives an artisan look that is unique from most tile offerings.”

Geometric shaped tiles are also making their way into the new year, one of our favorites is Daltile’s Multitude Series.


From utilizing color to adding texture to tile, the next trends expected for 2018 are beautiful and exciting for the future of design. We can’t wait to see how Harris Doyle homeowners will incorporate these new design trends into their new homes in 2018.