Trussville new homesAt the beginning of the 20th century, when populations in American cities were growing, communities built their Birmingham new homes and businesses close enough to each other that they could walk to work, the drugstore, grocery store, school or church. This was before the automobile became an economical choice for most people, so it made sense to build walkable neighborhoods.

But, as automobiles became more affordable and mass transit more popular, communities across the U.S. experienced urban sprawl: Americans moved out to the suburbs, municipal zoning separated industrial areas from residential areas and construction of low density, single family housing became the preferred option for many Americans.

Not long after, though, urban planners and government groups began rethinking this “anti-urban” development, and realized the benefits of neighborhoods that are walkable and offer a variety of housing and job types. New urbanism is therefore an old idea with modern elements. Today’s new urban communities include a mix of single family and multi-family housing types, offices and businesses, parks and playgrounds, schools, shops and restaurants. Buildings are connected by pedestrian and vehicle paths, streets are lined with trees and the neighborhood has a discernible, busy center that is a community gathering place.

Does this sound like the type of place you’d like to call home? Trussville Springs is a community of Trussville new homes that will offer the elements of New Urbanism that you’ve been missing. The community is built in the center of Trussville on Main Street along the Cahaba River. This exciting neighborhood will boast a pool, shops, 20-acre park, pond with fountain and an amphitheater, as well as townhomes, cottage homes and courtyard homes.

There will be something for everyone: young professionals, families, retirees. And we are very excited to be building there.

To get more information about Trussville Springs and the homes we will be building there, call us at (205) 982-2896 or visit