Noelle and StuartA unique combination of personalities, educational backgrounds and skill sets has been the recipe for Harris Doyle Homes’ rapid success. Our company aims to make employees feel valued as individuals, and we strive to ensure that every employee enjoys a sense of belonging while at work. When we say we’re like a family here at Harris Doyle, we mean it in every sense of the word. In fact, we have a married couple with a thriving relationship working in our office every day!

Noelle and Stuart met at Auburn in March of 2000. What began as the excitement of seeing a familiar face in class turned into a close friendship that eventually led them to 13 years of marriage and counting.

After college, Stuart worked in sales for four different building materials companies, learning about products and construction methods. The companies that he worked for often sold products to the companies that Noelle worked for. Essentially, it was destiny knocking on their door!

During the economic downturn, the building industry took an enormous hit and the company Stuart worked for closed their doors. Upon finding another job that sparked his interest, Stuart also went back to school for night classes to learn the CAD program. Nearing graduation, he was hired by a home builder where his career started as a plan designer.

“After five years of working with that company, I made the switch to Harris Doyle,” stated Stuart. “And, I have not regretted one minute of it!”

Noelle graduated from Auburn in 2003 with a degree in Building Science. Since graduation, she has worked primarily in residential construction, with a four-year span in multi-family. While Noelle’s heart lies with residential construction, her career has ventured through positions such as a superintendent for two home builders, an estimator for a builder, an estimator for a commercial company, a warranty manager, and now a purchaser for Harris Doyle.

“I think seeing each other excel in our respected careers only deepens our attraction and confidence in each other,” says Noelle. “I’ve always known Stuart was talented, but to see it in action on an everyday basis makes me even more proud that he is the head of our household and the leader of our family.”

Seeing one another throughout the day and being able to work together to improve the company are two benefits that Noelle and Stuart share, but they both agree that carpooling is definitely the number one benefit of working together.

“We are able to ride in to work together, which allows us time to pray together,” said Stuart. “In the afternoon, the ride home allows us time to talk about work before we get home to our children.”

Outsiders may feel that working in the same place can take a toll on a marriage, but that hasn’t been the case for Stuart and Noelle at Harris Doyle. By working together, not only has this couple’s relationship strengthened, but they can now better understand the issues and pressures that each face at work. They understand one another better and the roles that they play in the company, and making sure the company succeeds is now a common goal they share.

“If I need a sounding board to talk out a particular issue, I go to Stuart because I know he knows the details of what I’m up against,” stated Noelle. “Whether it’s a code issue or maybe a person that I don’t see eye-to-eye with, he already knows the situation and can offer an unbiased opinion.”

Plus, thanks to Harris Doyle’s welcoming environment and company culture that puts an emphasis on personal growth and happiness, Stuart and Noelle are able to feel fulfilled both personally and professionally.

“I have been in situations before coming to Harris Doyle where I felt like my job depended on me choosing work or family.  More than once, I was forced to go to work instead of taking care of my children when they needed me,” said Noelle. “The guilt was horrible. Once the opportunity came for me to come to Harris Doyle, a more family-friendly company, I jumped on it. Our family life has never been as peaceful as it is now. My kids are happier, my husband is happier, and I’m happier!”

“We both love working with Harris Doyle because of the culture,” Stuart says. “We know the importance of family because we are all around the same age and have families, and Harris Doyle always stresses family first. It has been a dramatic improvement from past experiences and we love the family atmosphere!”

Noelle, who chose to come to Harris Doyle after seeing Stuart’s dramatic change once he began working here, has been incredibly happy with her career change and feels like a part of a bigger family. “Most days it doesn’t even feel like work,” she says. “The culture here is so different from anywhere I’ve ever been. They truly value each and every one of us, and it shows.”

While work takes up the majority of the day, the couple agrees that once they’re home, all of the attention is focused on their two children, Charlie and Henry. Both boys keep the couple busy at the ballpark, school functions and church activities. In their free time, Noelle teaches pre-teen Sunday school at their local church and Stuart is the drummer. “I guess you could say I truly married a rock star!” stated Noelle.

Our team members at Harris Doyle are truly a driving force behind our success, and we’re pleased to know they’re happy working here. To learn more about Harris Doyle Homes, visit