123-gameboardIf the thought of building a new home overwhelms you. You are not alone. Industry professionals are all too familiar with the arguments against the new home building process: “the delays!,” “too many choices!,” “the hassle!,” and “the micromanagement!.” But Harris Doyle Homes takes the frustration out of the process, using a simple, step-by-step method that helps guide buyers from contract signing to moving in.

Check out Harris Doyle Homes’ Easy as 1-2-3 gameboard, which takes homeowners through the process in an easy and fun way. Detailed instructions follow each step. For example, after singing a contract, the next step is requesting a pre-approval letter from your mortgage lender and submitting the letter to the listing agent at your Harris Doyle Homes new home community. Once the paperwork has been completed, you will start the process of meeting with a builder and decorator to review your new home plans and begin selecting exterior and interior finishes.

At this point, construction on your new home will begin, with site clearing and foundation preparation work. You’ll really begin to see the home come to life in the next step, framing, which is when the walls and roof are put up, housewrap goes around the walls and the roof is prepped for shingles. Windows and doors come next, followed by the roof and brick/siding. Meanwhile, on the inside of the home (behind the sheetrock), the necessary plumbing pipes, electrical wiring and other components will be installed. At this stage, Harris Doyle Homes likes to conduct a walk-through with customers, to educate buyers on the work that has been done so far, so that buyers have a better understanding of their home, on the inside and outside.

Insulation, drywall, cabinets, tile, trim, paint, the driveway and HVAC system installation all follows (in that order!).  As the home nears completion, it is time to begin preparations for closing and make arrangements for homeowner’s insurance. Meanwhile, shelving, landscaping, carpet/flooring installation and final paint coats are completed.

Harris Doyle Homes arranges for inspectors from local applicable governing authorities to come and inspect the new home to ensure that it meets or exceeds the required building code. Once all inspections have passed, power and gas meters are “released” by the inspector, which allows the utility companies to install your meters.

Almost there! About 7-10 days prior to closing, buyers attend a pre-closing walk-through with the builder and listing agent, to explain/demonstrate how things in the home work and answer any questions. During this meeting, a “punch list” is created that lists any outstanding items that need to be corrected or completed before closing. It’s around this time that buyers contact local utility providers to have the utilities moved over into their name.

And that’s it! The new home is ready for move in. But since a home is likely a person’s biggest investment, Harris Doyle Homes is committed to excellent customer service, which is provided through the SMARTCARE program, which covers buyers during their one-year warranty period.

Want to learn more? Contact Harris Doyle Homes to get started building the home of your dreams! Harris Doyle Homes removes the hassle from the process, visit www.HarrisDoyle.com to see the communities available in the Birmingham/central Alabama area.