At Harris Doyle Homes, our history has made us the builder we are today. Here is a little bit about our story and how we plan to continue our quality home building and exceptional customer service in the future.

For Harris Doyle founders, Brooks Harris and Russ Doyle, the passion and love of home building was passed down from their fathers. Following his graduation from the University of Alabama, Brooks had a couple careers, but in 2004 decided to follow in the footsteps of his father and enter the home building industry. He started Longleaf Homes and began to build spec homes in the Highland Lakes community of Birmingham. For Russ, the decision to enter the real estate industry came immediately after graduating from Auburn University when he went to work for his father, a custom home builder in the metro Birmingham market. He went on to start Fireside Homes.

Brooks and Russ had the opportunity to work on some projects together when they both built in the Ballantrae community in Pelham, Alabama. They like to refer to this time as “dating before we got married” because they were able to learn how the other operated and that they had the same vision for a home building company. In other words, they were better together. Through this partnership, Harris Doyle Homes was established and now they offer more of a custom building experience while being more of a volume builder.

In addition to Brooks and Russ’ passion for home building, the secret to their success has been hiring staff that is just as passionate about helping buyers build their dream home. Building a new home is all about YOU, and the team is here to help pick out selections and build the house the way that you have always imagined. “We don’t like to tell customers no. If they have an idea, we ask them to bring it in and try our best to incorporate it into their home design. Honestly, we learn as much from our customers as they do for us,” said Russ.

“Our mission is to exceed people’s expectations every day. We like to do that in terms of design, amenities and customer service after the sale. We focus on those three factors every single day and continuously improve our processes to make the customer experience the very best it can be,” added Brooks.

That respect and fairness that is given to the customers is also given to the sub-contractors and vendors. “My father was known for the respect and fairness he offered his customers, sub-contractors and vendors. I saw him treat people that way my entire life and I have tried to carry that into my own business,” said Brooks.

As Harris Doyle Homes looks to the future, we hope to continue creating better processes and a better customer experience. We will continue to build more than just homes by constantly finding quality locations to develop communities and create a lifestyle for our customers.

“We understand that it is one of the biggest purchases that individuals make both monetarily and sentimentally. They are putting a lot of finances into it, but also their heart,” continued Russ.

When you decide to purchase a new home in one of our metro Birmingham, Auburn or Pike Road communities, you can rest assured that you will get more than a home; you will get a “life well crafted.” For more information on our story, click the video above. To learn more about our available homes, visit the Harris Doyle website today.