Harris Doyle Homes is excited to announce Eco Three certified new homes in Birmingham. These homes include a variety of energy saving features that provide homeowners with a reduction in energy bills. Harris Doyle and ECO THREE paired to introduce this homebuilding technology to the Birmingham market.

Harris Doyle wants homeowners to feel the difference in temperature in the winter and summer. By improving living conditions within the home, Harris Doyle will also help home buyers feel it in their wallet. ECO THREE upgrades in these homes include sealing leaking air ducts, sealing up recessed lighting to prevent air and heat leakage, ensuring the proper sealing of the attic, using spray foam insulation to seal exterior wall leakage, which also reduces sound and outside noise to make the home more comfortable. Along with saving energy to make the home more comfortable and saving money to make buyers more fiscal, these home upgrades help the environment in the long run by reducing carbon footprint.

Energy efficient homes save customers on energy bills. These Harris Doyle and Eco Three homes use the HERS Index Score to rate a homes’ energy efficiency. These homes energy-saving features are inspected and at the end, each home is given a score. The lower the score the more energy efficient your home is.

Eco Three was founded by Jonathan Handey in 2010 at Innovation Depot in Birmingham, Alabama. Eco Three is leading-edge energy efficiency, trusted company in making homes more comfortable, safer, and with less of an environmental impact. They use the latest technology to make our well built homes even more comfortable and energy efficient. They are an experienced group of people with a unique plan and a genuine interest in making the difference in people’s lives and the environment.

For more information about energy-efficient homes in Birmingham from Harris Doyle and Eco Three, visit www.HarrisDoyle.com.