Birmingham HomesGhouls, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns and candy will be abound this Halloween!  With October 31 quickly approaching, kids are become increasingly excited about trick or treating. While this excitement is good, it can also lead to a lack of safety. When you’re visiting Birmingham homes for tricks or treats, here are some tips to share with your children so safety stays top of mind:

  • Have a flashlight: When walking, not running, from house to house, be sure your kids have a bright flashlight that will light the path ahead. LED flashlights are especially bright and popular.
  • Avoid homemade treats. Pass on those pretty homemade treats, unless the person who made the treat is a close and trusted friend or relative. Eat only factory-wrapped treats to ensure that the ingredients are trusted and safe. Check to make sure that the packaging has not been tampered with before taking a bite.
  • Limit treat intake. Yes, this will be the most difficult of the tips; however, too much candy leads to hyperactivity, lack of sleep, stomach aches and sugar crashes. Rationing the treats over the next couple of weeks will keep kids happier for longer with something to look forward to after meals. Stick a piece of candy in their lunch for a nice surprise.
  • Look both ways before crossing the street. When kids eat sugar and get excited, they can forget simple rules and make rash decisions such as not checking for cars. Remind your children of the importance of looking both ways before crossing over to the neighbors house for a treat
  • Only walk in groups or with trusted adults. There is always strength in numbers, so gathering a community trick-or-treat group is a good idea. Adults can visit and chat while children get candy. Groups of six to eight are a good number. Once you get beyond that, the group setting may work against you as you will have less control.
  • Walk on sidewalks only whenever possible. Most of Harris Doyles’ communities include sidewalks throughout, so if you’re living in one, this won’t be an issue; however, not all communities do. Try to find a safe community with sidewalks or stick to places in the community that have a sidewalk.
  • Enter homes only with a trusted adult. Never let children trick-or-treat alone, and be sure to accompany them to each house they visit. In addition, only visit well-lit homes to ensure that you can see what is ahead and protect yourself from uneven ground, steps, or a treacherous sidewalk.
  • Enjoy the holiday! The most important rule and tip of Halloween is to have fun! Although it’s not necessarily a ‘safety’ tip, it is definitely a good rule to have. Practicing the rest of these safety tips will allow this one to happen all on its own.
  • Never accept rides from strangers. This is an age-old tip, but it is consistently relevant. Strangers cannot be trusted, so be sure to educate your child on never accepting candy or a ride from someone they don’t trust.

Remind your children of all these safety tips, so they can have a fun and safe Halloween night. The metro Birmingham area is filled with wonderful Harris Doyle Communities loaded with amenities such as sidewalks, street lamps, community pools and much more. Contact the office for more information about Birmingham homes by calling 205-982-2896 or visit the Harris Doyle website by clicking here.