Pumpkin GiveawayWith fall in full swing, all the thrills, chills and pumpkin delights are beginning to fill the streets of our Birmingham communities. Residents who live in our Fieldstown Crossing, Altadena Ridge and Trussville Springs communities, are invited to come down to the model home in your community for a FREE pumpkin on Saturday, October 21.

What better way to enjoy this spooky season than by hosting an evening of pumpkin carving with your family? Once you’ve gotten your pumpkin from our giveaway, let these ideas inspire you to create pumpkin masterpieces of your own:

Message Pumpkins – Almost everyone has a message they want to spread, and what better way to send a fun message than with a couple of words carved on your pumpkin? Carving a few words such as “Happy Halloween” or even your name and initials into a pumpkin can be entertaining. Here is a simple “how to” from HGTV.

Friendly Pumpkins – Scary and spooky faced pumpkins are very typical around Halloween. Break away from the pack and create something friendly and fun for trick-or-treaters. Carve smiley faces with eyes, a nose and eyebrows, then light it up with a simple candle. Or, for younger children, stay away from carving and instead stick on self-adhesive googly eyes, use pipe cleaners to imitate colorful “hair,” use candy corn to create a smile, or even consider using leftover Mr. Potato Head parts to really give your pumpkin kid-friendly personality.

Cookie-Cutter Pumpkins – Although these pumpkins are “cookie-cutter,” they’re anything but basic, and they take no time to make. Start by selecting a theme, such as leaves, ghosts, or spiders. Cut a hole in the bottom instead of the top, and clean out the insides. Place a cookie cutter on the pumpkin. Gently tap the cutter with a rubber mallet until it pushes through the skin. Repeat until you complete your desired design. Then simply place each pumpkin over a small candle, and enjoy the ghoulish glow.

Keep-it-Simple Pumpkins – These are the easiest design, but still bring a wonderful creativity and fall feeling to your home. Using oversize heirloom pumpkins in various shades of orange and green as bases, cut a small circle out of the top and simply place a candle holder with a candle in the top. Line your steps or sidewalk with them for a perfect way to welcome guests to a fall-themed party.

The fall season is now paired with an endless variety of pumpkin-themed indulgences. From coffee to cookies, pumpkin has certainly become a staple of the current season. If you would rather indulge in pumpkin-flavored goodness instead of having a decorating party, try mixing pumpkin and pecan pie by baking this wonderful creation. Even though this is a moderately difficult recipe, the result is more than satisfying with toasted pecans baked right into the crust! This creation is not for the un-seasoned baker and calls for more specific instruction and a hefty ingredients list. Trust us though, this one is worth it!

Don’t forget to come by your community’s model home for your free pumpkin this weekend! To learn more about our Fieldstown Crossing, Altadena Ridge and Trussville Springs communities and homes, visit us online at www.HarrisDoyle.com.