birmingham real estateEnvironmentally friendly building is an increasingly popular trend in the real estate market. Birmingham startup company Eco Three has plans to create a market for energy-efficient homes, so they approached Harris Doyle to start implementing energy-efficient solutions into residential homebuilding.

Eco Three is a startup company providing inspections, consultations and upgrades to the insulation infrastructure of a home. Because the Birmingham market is far behind other surrounding cities in regards to energy-efficient building, Eco Three launched Eco Three Innovations. This new area of the company will focus on helping residential home builders and contractors with implementing energy-efficient solutions into the homebuilding process.

Eco Three approached Harris Doyle to begin the process of integrating the Birmingham real estate market with environmentally-friendly building practices. The Birmingham home builder will create an “Eco Three” homebuilding package that will increase mortgage rates slightly, and in return, home owners could see a reduction in their monthly energy bills.

Harris Doyle expects to be rolling out these new packages within the next few weeks and is excited to begin the effort towards increasing energy efficiency in the metro-Birmingham area. This Eco Three package is an upgrade to the standard home package.

Along with these new eco-friendly homes, Harris Doyle has home communities all over metro Birmingham. New communities with homes currently being built include Fieldstown Crossing, Turnberry Highlands and Lacey’s Grove.

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