Category: Holiday Ideas/Tips

  1. Great Pumpkin Giveaway at Harris Doyle Communities


    To help residents at some of our communities get more into the fall spirit, we are giving away FREE pumpkins to those who live in Fieldstown Crossing, Trussville Springs and Keeneland Valley. Residents of these communities that are still in need of a pumpkin can visit the model home in their community to get their…

  2. Super Bowl Sunday Kicks Off the Real Estate Market


    According to many real estate agents, Super Bowl Sunday is the start to the real estate season. Typically, this is because the market starts to open up around this time, which means interested home buyers start looking and sellers start listing. What drives this correlation between Super Bowl Sunday and the real estate market? When…

  3. Buyer Beware of Home Upgrades with High Costs and Low Resale Value


    Upgrading or remodeling an older home can be quite a costly venture. In the end, even when costs are watched, the real question becomes: “Will I recoup my expenses?”  The future of a home improvement investment must be considered when deciding on home upgrades. Here’s a list of three home improvement projects with the lowest…

  4. Buy a New Home in Trussville Springs for the New Year


    As 2016 approaches, many people begin to think about personal improvement resolutions for the New Year. Looking for resolution ideas? How about resolving to take the plunge and move into a new home? Located on the Cahaba River in Trussville, Alabama, Trussville Springs offers everything needed to live comfortably in 2016. One of Harris Doyle’s…

  5. Make Dinner Delicious with Christmas Recipes


    May your Christmas be merry and your dinner delicious! Want a couple recipes to help make Christmas dinner delectable and memorable? Here is a list of six dish ideas, everything from entrees to sides: 1. Spice-Rubbed Tenderloin with Mustard-Cream Sauce: Considering that beef tenderloin is so lean, it can become dry and overcooked rather easily. Rub…

  6. Quick Tips on Home Financing for First-Time Home Buyers


    With a continually improving market comes increased home buyer optimism. First-time buyers are ready to become homeowners, but there are increased regulations on home financing. Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when applying for a home mortgage: 1. Seek Third-Party Advice: The worst idea a first-time buyer could have would be…

  7. Happy Thanksgiving from Harris Doyle Homes


    It’s the time of the year where dark meat and light meat enthusiasts fight over their favorite part of the turkey, kids sneak extra pieces of pie, families gather to give thanks and, of course, lots of stuffing is consumed. Yes, Thanksgiving is upon us, and while many families have traditional dishes they prepare for…

  8. Halloween Safety Tips for a Fun Trick-or-Treat Experience in Birmingham


    Ghouls, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns and candy will be abound this Halloween!  With October 31 quickly approaching, kids are become increasingly excited about trick or treating. While this excitement is good, it can also lead to a lack of safety. When you’re visiting Birmingham homes for tricks or treats, here are some tips to share with your…

  9. Make Back to School Easy with Harris Doyle Homes


    Summer is ending, and school is starting up. This transition can be tough for both kids and parents, especially if you’re considering moving into a new home in Birmingham. Let Harris Doyle Homes provide a couple helpful tips to make the new school year start with a bang! Beat the bookstore. Figuratively speaking, of course,…

  10. Two Part St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations in Birmingham


    One of the reasons we love being a Birmingham Homebuilder is because the city has so much to offer our homeowners. The Birmingham St. Patrick’s Day celebration is underway, and it is one of our favorite ways to celebrate the wearing of the green. An annual event in the heart of Birmingham, the 31st Annual St….

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