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  1. Phase 3 Now Selling at Fieldstown Crossing


    A close-knit, homey city like Gardendale is much more than a northern suburb of Birmingham. United by its modest population size and chock-full of local culture, history and natural beauty, Gardendale offers a higher quality of life at a slower pace. This city gives residents plenty of opportunities to familiarize themselves with the area and…

  2. Top Performing Schools in Harris Doyle Communities


    When you’re in the market for a new home, there’s a lot to consider: affordability, neighborhood and square footage to name a few. However, a Trulia survey found that nearly twenty percent of Americans indicated that their dream home is located in a great school district. Those participants who were parents of children under 18,…

  3. Explore Our Birmingham Communities in the 2017 Parade of Homes


    It’s one of our favorite times of the year – it’s time for the annual Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders Parade of Homes! Our experienced team strives to create value for our customers by designing new homes that fit each unique lifestyle and neighborhoods that stand the test of time. If you’re thinking about buying…

  4. Local Residents Find Perfect Home at Fieldstown Crossing


    As a lifetime resident of the area, Ryan Hensley and his wife knew that Gardendale was still the ideal location for them when they decided to buy a new home. Harris Doyle’s Fieldstown Crossing community not only offered beautiful homes, but a great location and convenience while staying within their budget.  Essentially, Hensley’s wife made…

  5. New Model Home Open Now at Trussville Springs


    Home buyers have a hard time envisioning their complete dream home off of plans alone. That’s why Harris Doyle is excited to announce its brand new furnished model home in Trussville Springs. Interested buyers can easily imagine themselves living in a new Harris Doyle home as they wander through the stunning interior, picturing how their…

  6. Birmingham Named One of the Top Places to Travel in 2017


    Traveling and seeing the world often makes one think of long plane rides, passports, foreign languages and exotic experiences. However, there is plenty to see right here in our country, from national parks to architectural wonders, without having to step foot on a plane or stamp the passport. But surprisingly, not all of the country’s…

  7. Taste Your Way Through Birmingham


    Birmingham is known for its Vulcan statue, safe environment and thick, spicy barbeque sauce. In an era where fast food is king, barbecue restaurants still remain dominant in Birmingham. However, recent studies show that this magic city has more to offer than just thick sauces and traditional barbecue. Thanks to many world-class chefs such as…

  8. Introducing Interior Designer Danielle Maros


    The interior design team at Harris Doyle is infused with creativity and a desire to meet all our client’s needs. Using the various design elements from the Harris Doyle showroom, our team can combine endless possibilities to create an ideal design that fits individuals home buyers’ styles. We are excited to welcome our newest member…

  9. What the New Presidency Means for Housing


    It’s no secret that Donald Trump’s win for the presidential office has shocked the world. While some are still trying to make sense of the outcome, others are focusing on the next four years. Some of the main points throughout Trump’s campaign were strengthening the United States, immigration laws and international trade laws. However, his…

  10. Birmingham Suburbs Named Some of the Safest in Alabama


    When home buyers think of the finer things in life, comfort and safety are a top priority on their list. SafeWise, a home security and safety site and Niche, a site providing reviews and insights for consumers, both recently ranked Alabama’s safest cities and included suburbs from the Birmingham metro area! Communities in which we…

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